What is Recruit RE?

Recruit RE can remove the recruitment challenges you may be having for recruitment success. Recruit RE provides confidence to find your next hire without hassle. Our in-app verification system integrated with the state governing body ensures all candidates are genuine. You can easily filter and find candidates that share your company values and are a good culture fit.

How do I ensure candidates are certified?

We have API’d with Services NSW and Fair Trading to confirm registrations and current driver's license.

What is the cost of the membership?

$4,995 + GST for a 12 month subscription

Why would I use this app over using a recruiter?

Affordability recruit as many candidates at one fee, transparency, speed and licence verification

How do I add a job posting?

You can create a new job posting via the + button on the top right-hand side of the home page. You have the option to create your own job posting or use one of the job description templates provided and modify as needed. 

How many job postings can I post within the 12-month subscription?


How do I contact customer service?

Job seekers

What is Recruit RE?

A platform used to search for new opportunities and the best employers in real estate. As an employee, you will get noticed and find the best roles for you, quickly and easily. You can build your profile to highlight your strengths and values to the right employers.

How do I find job postings? 

You can search by job title, location, distance, salary, work type, qualifications. Once you find a job you are interested in applying for, you are able to submit a CV and/or cover letter. The employer will then connect with you and request to message if they are interested.

Can I apply anonymously?

Yes, this helps to apply for jobs while you are currently employed. You can choose to remain anonymous until you approve an employer to view your profile.

Why should I keep record of CPD?

You can upload your CPD and license or registration to your profile. You will be notified how many days you have left to renew and complete necessary CPD training.

Who is Recruit RE partnering with to protect my data?

We have partnered OCR labs which is an identity verification system, you can read more at the following link: https://www.ocrlabs.com/ 

How do I contact customer service?


How can employers find me?

Employers can find your profile via searching a job title.

At what point is my identity shown?

Once you apply for the position or elect to do so.