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Recruit RE is an online marketplace that connects real estate employers with job seekers at speed with greater transparency, reducing recruitment costs and increasing profit.

A new status quo

We enable better hiring outcomes that connect both sides of the real estate industry more effectively. In our online marketplace, employers and job seekers can engage seamlessly, in confidence and at speed.

Job seekers

Find the right job

Create a job seeker profile to showcase your strengths and start standing out. Search exclusive job opportunities, gain industry exposure and connect quickly with the best employers in real estate.


Hire with confidence

Create an employer profile to promote your company culture and attract the best talent. Post unlimited job ads, explore our pool of qualified real estate candidates and hire the best person for the job— every time.


A hub for professional development

Centralise your professional development records and share them effortlessly with current and prospective employers. Licensed agents are able to join online CPD sessions, plus receive one face-to-face session for free.

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